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American Canning Can Handle Applicator.
For use with PakTech® 4-pack and 6-pack can handles.


Our engineers have come up with some pretty clever stuff over the years, but this might top them all. Behold the compact, simple, yet robust solution to applying PakTech® can handles to your cans.
Capable of packing upwards of 80 cans per minute, we’re not messing around. The simplicity of our design allows you to literally go from crate to fully operational in minutes. And just in case you need to move it, we’ll put some wheels on it for you. Yeah, we know…sometimes we even impress ourselves.


Our user interface has only three buttons and two switches. No airplane cockpit madness here. Want to change from 4-pack to 6-pack? Just flip a switch. The unit is also wash-down safe and only needs 120V power and a wee bit of compressed air to run.


With an operating footprint of only 54 inches by 20 inches, you won’t even know she’s there. Except that your off-packing station is now kind of boring. And if you need it to be mobile, we’ve got one on wheels that folds into a compact 30″ x 20″ package for storage and transport.


We know everyone has different tastes in canning lines. That’s why we designed our applicator to work with virtually all makes and models. Whether you’re running a Wild Goose, Cask, or another brand of filler, if you can get cans onto our built-in conveyor, you’re golden. You can change between 12oz., 16oz., 375mL, and 500mL cans with NO additional parts required. Seriously, it lakes like 2 minutes to change sizes.

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